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CENIA, Czech Environmental Information Agency

Postal address:
CENIA, Czech Environmental Information Agency
Vrsovicka 1442/65
100 10 Prague 10
Czech Republic
Ms Petra Ondrackova / Mrs Marketa Zakova
+ 420 267 225 226 
+ 420 267 225 210 
Press speaker:
Mrs Eva Branisova
+ 420 267 225 340
Mr Vladimir Fanta
IT Support Section
Section Director
Mr Pavel Doubrava
Map Services Department
Head of the Department
Mr Jiri Kvapil
GMES Specialist
Ms Simona Losmanova


In frame of the the binding plan for the Ministry of the Environment, who is responsible for the European programme „Global Monitoring for Environment and Security“ (GMES), CENIA provides the related agendas within the European Union and the Czech Republic.
Department in charge of space activities:
Information Support Section
Section activities managed by the Map Services Department:
The Map Services Department
  • Preparation, management and user coordination of the European programme GMES
  • CENIA is the coordinator of the National Secretariat of GEOSS / GMES
  • CENIA informs the public about GMES via the website http://gmes.gov.cz
  • CENIA coordinates representation of the Czech Republic in the bodies and working groups of the ESA, EU and EEA
  • CENIA represents the Czech users of products and services in the environmental field at meetings of the GMES User Forum
  • CENIA provides on request alternation of the official delegates of the GMES Committee
  • CENIA as the EEA‘s NFP is a member of the GMES NFP Working Group
  • CENIA secures preparation of materials and presentations, and their recitation at various Czech and international seminars and conferences
  • CENIA organises thematic conferences and workshops
  • CENIA deals with projects focused on remote sensing (RS) - e.g. NIKM, EnviSec, HELM etc.


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