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Defence Policy and Strategy Division, Strategic Development Department

Contact details

Strategic Development Department 
Defence Policy and Strategy Division
Ministry of Defence
Tychonova 1, 
160 01 Praha 6
Czech Republic
Department director: 
Josef Múčka
Head of Strategic Capabilities Development Section:
Václav Čejka
Dalibor Procházka


The space activities issues are dealt with Strategic Capabilities Development Section, if necessary in cooperation with other Ministry of Defence bodies. The areas of responsibility are as follows:
  • formulation of strategic capabilities development defence priorities  in accordance with endorsed strategic national, NATO and EU documents;
  • asserting national interests in the area of responsibility in respective NATO and EU bodies, including agencies and organizations dealing with strategic capabilities development;
  • formulation of national standpoints to national, NATO and EU defence capabilities development;
  • coordination of national armed forces specific capabilities development;
  • coordination of implementation NATO and EU adopted initiatives in the area of strategic and specific capabilities;
  • coordination of national participation in NATO and EU strategic projects in the area of development of strategic and specific capabilities;


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