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International GUF Workshop “Utilizing GNSS Technology for Crisis Management”


International GUF Workshop “Utilizing GNSS Technology for Crisis Management” Venue: Ministry of Transport, Nabr. L. Svobody 1222/12, Prague 1, Czech Republic
Organiser: Space Technologies and Satellite Systems Department of Ministry of Trasnsport

1/2 day workshop, time for questions and discussions
Date: 18 September 2012


Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) navigation and positioning applications have become an essential infrastructure of the modern society. Crisis management and emergency response services should be one of the main user segments which started to use the GNSS services and applications. Crisis situations are often safety-related operations. They are the most time critical missions that public safety and security services have to operate. Lives, environment and important economical interests are at stake during such crisis situations. In such safety related cases it is important for public safety forces to be more effective.

EGNOS and Galileo will be very useful tools for emergency services in rescue missions, helping them to better manage any emergency situation that could occur, such as forest fires, floods, earthquakes, accidents occurring during transportation of hazardous materials, etc. New applications where the more precise positioning and position reporting would imply high added value for the users and need to be examined.
The GUF Workshop objective is to conduct a professional discussion between end users and European institutions responsible for the satellite navigation deployment. Following the discussions, the workshop participants will lay down common conclusions and recommendations from the field of crisis management and emergency response services in the deployment and practical operation of Galileo and EGNOS systems.

The GUF invitation and programme


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