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Industrial and academic subjects in the Czech Republic

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Company / InstitutionGeneral descriptionType of subjectwww
Iguassu Software SystemsSoftware, navigationIndustrial subjectwww
RAMET C.H.M. a.s.active and passive radar technologyIndustrial subjectwww
European Passive Components Institute s.r.o.European passive components industry support, co-ordination of passive components & sensors with ESA, consultancy and assistance to passive industry with space projects.Industrial subjectwww
Vojenský výzkumný ústav, s.p.special electronics, special materialsIndustrial subjectwww
BizGarden s.r.o.Processing of market surveys, processing and evaluation of business models, new technologies, consultancy in the field of innovation and coaching, training and management support, international cooperation, seeking partners for R & D, team management.Industrial subjectwww
GINA Software s.r.o.Mobile "Command & Control" system for real-time sharing of situation data on the ground through an interactive map. System is a new communication channel for the exchange of geo-locational information in combination with localization, mapping and functions for people management in terrain.Industrial subjectwww
Iguassu Software Systems a.s.GNSS, EO, Real Time Software, Aviation/AvionicsIndustrial subjectwww
Inovacentrum - ČVUT v PrazeTechnology transferAcademic subjectwww
Aircraft Industries, a.s.Development, production and sales of L 410 aircraft Upgrades, maintenance of L 410 aircraft, spare parts production Design, testing and modification of aircraft and their parts Metal forming, machining, surface treatment Production of special tools Other special production activities (coating, production of cable harnesses, upholstery, etc.) International airport operation Operation of private Aircraft High School and training center Industrial subjectwww
ROBOTSYSTEM, s.r.o. Research and development in the field of robotics, mechatronics and locomotive systems. Prototype and construction units realization.Industrial subjectwww
SKYBERGTECH s.r.o.Design and construction of spacecraft, Project Nautilus with hyperdrive, Pulse and frequency weapons company: NASIGA s.r.o.Industrial subjectwww
e-Fractalresearch and development in the area of software solutionsIndustrial subjectwww
Dicom, spol. s r.o.electronicsIndustrial subjectwww
Rücker ČR spol. s r.o.Stress analysis of aircraft structures, certification reports.Industrial subjectwww
VÚGTK, v.v.i.space geodesyAssociationwww
České Radiokomunikace a.s.-broadcasting services(TV and radio signals and operations of wide network of transmitters) -telecommunications services( e.g.:Voice services, data VPN services,Internet acces,..) -Server-Housing, Web-Hosting services -ICT solutionsIndustrial subjectwww
Space Innovations, v.o.s.Research and Development for Human Space Flight - Policy, Technology and ArchitectureIndustrial subjectwww
Logica Czech RepublicLogica, now part of CGI, is a business and technology service company. It provides business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing to clients around the world, including many of Europe's largest businesses.Industrial subjectwww
Logica Czech Republic, s.r.o.IT services and consulting, software developmentIndustrial subjectwww
SYNPO, akciová společnostNew technologies applicable primarily in advanced composites, coatings, adhesives and binders. In 2009, we established a Centre for Nanostructured Polymers and Polymers for Renewable Resources, which works on several projects ranging from development of high performance liners for lightweight liquid hydrogen tanks to a cooperative projects with Czech Academy of Sciences, scaling up a process for making superparamagnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermal treatment of cancerous tumors.Industrial subjectwww
EuroGV spol.sr.o.Our Company has a long year extensive experience in carrying out geodetic and photogrammetric surveys. We have also implemented many GIS projects. Our solutions are based on careful analyses of our clients' needs. We always give priority to a complete system solution considering specific conditions. Industrial subjectwww
ITReGITReG is non-profit organization specialized in applied research, in new development, testing and exploitation of services and geo-information technologies for spatial data management in the area of natural, technical and social sciences. Associationwww
Cyberfox, s.r.o.IT developmentAssociationwww
SERENUM, a.s.Design, development, manufacture and testing of space equipmentIndustrial subjectwww
Botanický ústav AV ČR, v.v.i.Basic research on taxonomy and ecology of photosynthetic organisms (cyanobacteria, algae and higher plants), including extreme environmentsAcademic subjectwww
LA compositeDevelopment and production of composite and sandwich structuresIndustrial subjectwww
ROHDE&SCHWARZ, závod Vimperk, s.r.o.Manufacturing,installation, repairs of electric maschines and devices,electroical and telecommunication devidesIndustrial subjectwww
CleverMaps s.r.o. , SpolecnostGeospatial SW solution Geospatial Data processing and analysis Location Intelligence GIS consultancy GIS analysis Agriculture GIS consultancyIndustrial subjectwww
Kancelář TA ČRIn accordance with the terms of Act No. 130/2002 Coll. the main role of TA CR is to prepare and implement programmes of applied research, experimental development and innovation and thereby contribute to increasing competitiveness and economic growth in the Czech Republic. Other important tasks of TA CR according to the Act include promoting cooperation between research organizations and the private sector. The means to fulfil these tasks is in particular the effective use of public funds to support research, development and innovation.Industrial subjectwww
IBSmm Engineering, spol. s r.o.Industrial and embedded design, development of video distribution and storage systems.Industrial subjectwww
Flextronics Design s.r.o.Electrical and Mechanical Design, SW Development, Testing and Fast prototyping for Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial and Medical Segment.Industrial subjectwww
ČVUT FEL, Laboratoř pro vývoj a realizaciCzech Technical UniversityAcademic subjectwww
SDTNational ITS associationAssociationwww
ČVUT v Praze, Fakulta dopravnítransport universityAcademic subjectwww
5M s.r.o.Production and development of composites and sandwich panels.Industrial subjectwww
Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Ústav fyziky FEKTNon-destructive testing and characterisation of electronic materials and devices with respect to the long-term stability. R&D of supercapacitors for space applications. Academic subjectwww
RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF GEODESY, TOPOGRAPHY AND CARTOGRAPHY (V•Geodesy and geodynamics, •GNSS, Galileo, satellite measurements, DORIS •Fundamental research in mathematical and physical geodesy, space geodesy, geodetic gravimetry (gravimetric earth tides) and geodynamics , scientific aspects of GPS positioning, description of the Earths gravity field and mathematical methods of physical geodesy, satellite orbit dynamics and investigation of the gravitational field by satellite geodesy, investigation of periodic temporal variations of the Earths gravity field (earth tides), investigation of local and regional recent crustal movements, study of the rotation of the Earth •Remote sensing and photogrammetry, •Engineering survey, •State cadastre of real estate, •Map compilation and editing, •Research and development of Information System of Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre as a source information reGISter for the State Information System of the Czech Republic, •Production of specialized measuring devices for geodesy and cartography, •Activities in state standardization and metrology in the sphere of geodesy and cartography. •State metrology center. •Branch information center and Branch Library Industrial subjectwww
KB micro s.r.o.Complex Space Electronics DesignIndustrial subjectwww
Ústav informatiky AV ČR, v.v.i.The Institute of Computer Science of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is a basic research institute whose long-term mission is twofold: - To perform research reflecting current trends in theory and applications of computer science with aspirations to co-determine the trends; - To transfer the respective knowledge to society or, more specifically, to scientific community, to students, and to R&D application domains.Academic subjectwww
České vysoké učení technické v Praze, Fakulta stavební, Katecomputational mechanics, applied mathematics, reliability of structures, optimisation, testing of compositesAcademic subjectwww
Česká geologická službageological and environmental studies; remote sensing applicationsAcademic subjectwww
BD SENSORS s.r.o.Production and development of pressure transmitters, switches and level probes.Industrial subjectwww
CSRC, spol. s r.o.Realization of space electronics projects based on electronics design and cleanroom manufacturing.Industrial subjectwww
Astronomický ústav, AV ČRBasic reserach of heliospheric plasmas.Academic subjectwww
Space Systems CzechSafety-critical software development, L1/L2 data processing, EGSE based on Europen Ground Segmeng Common Core (EGS-CC)Industrial subjectwww
GEA Space s.r.o.System and Applications Engineering in Navigation and Earth ObservationIndustrial subjectwww
S.A.B. Aerospace s.r.o.Mechanical design, thermal and structural analysis.Industrial subjectwww
VSB-TU Ostrava - IT4Innovationsnational supercomputing center; remote sensing and Earth observationAcademic subjectwww
Center for Advanced Simulation and Technology (CAST)The Center for Advanced Simulation and Technology performs research in sensors, measurement systems and instrumentation, magnetics, metrology of electrical quantities, videometry, space and airborne systems, certification, and instruments, etc.Academic subjectwww
ČVUT v Praze, FS, Ústav technologie obrábění, projektování amachining technology, proces planning and industrial engineering, metrology and quality controlAcademic subjectwww
GE Aviation Czech s.r.o.GE Aviation Czech is focused on research and development of technologies for aerospace and production of turboprop engines. Industrial subjectwww
UNIS, a.s.Research and development, certification and production of advanced control and diagnostic modular systems, power supply systems, power and embedded processors control electronics for aircraft engines, fuel and hydraulic systems, electric actuators and motors, aviation systems (applications: aerospace , industrial automation, military and automotive industry)Industrial subjectwww
Honeywell International s.r.o.Technologies: Cockpit systems Runway and flight safety technology Air Traffic Management SATCOM and connectivity Propulsion Precision guidance Wheels and brakes Logistics services Gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and fuel cell turbochargers with variable nozzle technology Industrial subjectwww
Sobriety s.r.o.Design Analysis Testing PrototypingIndustrial subjectwww
TC AV ČRESA TT BrokerAcademic subjectwww
Exova s.r.o.Exova s.r.o. , located In Plzeň, is part of aerospace sector of Exova Group plc. and has long term experience in providing services for leading aerospace companies, but mostly oriented on aero, not space, business. Industrial subjectwww
Misterine s.r.o.We are focused on virtual and augmented reality. We are integrated with Industry 4.0. – we apply 3D technologies in the field of business, industry or B2C sector. For industry sector and trade companies we are developing tailored products such as 3D models and animations, virtual environment or tools of augmented reality. We apply virtual and augmented reality to specific client´s solutions in the fields of training and work safety new products development „Smart Factory“ systems (Industry 4.0.), communication, presentation and marketing. Based on clients’ needs we use range of display devices - various headsets, mobiles, tablets, computers, VR environment, caves…Industrial subjectwww
ASU AVCR, v.v.i.Solar flare research and observationAcademic subjectwww
Centrum výzkumu Řež s.r.o.The research organisation Centrum výzkumu Řež (CVR) was founded on 9th October 2002 as 100% daughter company of ÚJV Řež, a. s. (NRI – Nuclear Research Institute). The main aim of the research organisation is research, development and innovations in the field of power generation (especially nuclear). CVR owns unique research infrastructure such as experimental research reactors LVR-15 and LR-0 and technological experimental circuits. Significant modernization of the infrastructure is being realized due to realization of the SUSEN project (realized in the framework of the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovations of the European Regional Development Fund).Industrial subjectwww
Central European data agency, a.s.Geoinformatics Intelligent transport systems Information services Localisation and GNSSIndustrial subjectwww
esc AerospaceSpace Qualified Software, EGSEIndustrial subjectwww
SVÚM a.s.Research and Development, material testingIndustrial subjectwww
daiteq s.r.o.design and implementation of digital circuits, customized datapaths, processor micro-architectures, field-programmable gate arraysIndustrial subjectwww
BBT - Materials Processing IR optics, optics, crystal optics, acousto-optics, materials processing, research and developmentIndustrial subjectwww
Ústav teoretické a aplikované mechaniky AV ČR, v. v. i.ITAM CAS concenrates scientific research in the field of solid phase mechanics, oriented particularly on micromechanics, biomechanics of solids, statistical dynamics of systems and media, nonlinear mechanics of systems, processes of failure of materials, mechanics of multifunctional materials, mechanics of particular media, and computer and numerical mechanics.Academic subjectwww
ČVUT, Ústav bezpečnostních technologií a inženýrstvíinterdisciplinary security researchAcademic subjectwww
ADVACAM s.r.o.Development and production hybrid pixel detectorsIndustrial subjectwww
ESA BIC PragueThe ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Prague initiative offers an extensive support package to entrepreneurs and young start-ups with innovative ideas for exploiting space systems, technologies or patents in order to develop their non-space businesses on Earth.Associationwww
Ferrit s.r.o.Development and manufacturing of mining machines and equipment for material and people transport. Machines are fabricated either in standard or flameproof execution fot all types od mining operations.Industrial subjectwww
Deloitte Advisory s.r.o.ICT, consultingIndustrial subjectwww
GNSS Centre of ExcellenceTo promote development of GNSS applications in the Czech Republic via the cooperation with founding members, sucha as Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic , the Czech Railways, Road and Motorway Directorate and Czech Railway administration organization and other entities (industry, R&D) in the transport domain To promote the image of the members of the association as innovative companies that develop and use modern technologies To accelerate the development and deployment of applications using EGNOS as well as GALILEO in the future.Associationwww
NETservis s.r.o.Webdesign a tvorba wwwIndustrial subjectwww
privateResearch activity focused on simulation of processes inside solid propellant rocket engine.Academic subjectwww
TTC MarconiResearch, development, production, deployment, servicing of telecommunication systems. IT services and consulting, software development.Industrial subjectwww
EXELSIOR ENGINEERINGEngineering activities and related technical consultancyIndustrial subjectwww
TTS, s.r.o.Design, development and production of thin films. Sensors for trace moisture detection. Simulation of radiation related effects.Industrial subjectwww
World from Space s.r.o.We focus on bringing simple and understandable insights for information-driven decision making. Our key area of interests are vegetation monitoring, drought and change measurement. We specialize on the open EU Copernicus data from the Sentinel satellite family, but we are able to use more precise commercial data as well.Industrial subjectwww
MGM COMPROMGM COMPRO is a company focusing on development and manufacturing of state of the art solutions in the area of BLDC and PMSM electric motors control for industrial applications and Electric Vehicles. Unique BMS (battery management systems) for complex management of energy storage, industrial chargers, battery accupacks, special electronics, etc., are also part of company wide product portfolio altogether with custom-built development and manufacturing. MGM COMPRO also imports batteries for industrial applications.Industrial subjectwww

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