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Industrial and academic subjects in the Czech Republic

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Registered subjects

Company / InstitutionGeneral descriptionType of subjectwww
5M, s.r.o.Development and production of composites, sandwiches and adhesives for the aerospace industry.Industrial subjectwww
Centrum dopravního výzkumu, v.v.i., PrahaCenturm dopravního výzkumu. Výzkum, vývoj a služby s celonárodním pokrytím pro všechny druhy dopravy (veřejný i komerční sektor). Spolupráce s veřejnou správou a organizacemi ve veřejném i soukromém sektoru.Academic subjectwww
Ty-net s.r.o.Information and Communication Technologies.Industrial subjectwww
Acision Czech Republic, s.r.o.Telecommunikační služby, messaging.Industrial subjectwww
TOSEDA s.r.o.Research and development of nanotechnology and environment-friendly technologies, small-scale production of special polymeric materials, analysis and testing of polymeric materials, and consulting. Industrial subjectwww
AERO Vodochody, a.s.Aerospace industry, aircraft production. Industrial subjectwww
Siemens Convergence Creators, s.r.oDevelopment of software for the communications, inventory management and ground segment space industry.Industrial subjectwww
Astronomický ústav AV ČRAstronomical observation and exploration of objects from the immediate vicinity of the Earth to distant galaxies.Academic subjectwww
ATG, Advanced Technology Group, s.r.o. Comprehensive services in area of Non-destructive testing, including all standard testing methods for aircraft industry: PT, MT, UT, ET, RT, VT, LT.Industrial subjectwww
AVX Czech Republic, s.r.o.Production of passive devices and components for aerospace industry.Industrial subjectwww
BBT-Materials Processing, s.r.o.Crystals for optical applications, material research and development for space technology.Industrial subjectwww
BD Sensors, s.r.o.Production of electronic pressure-measurement technologyIndustrial subjectwww
BW- TOPAS, spol. s r.o.Manufacture of wire conveyor belts, such as the transport or processing equipment even for extreme conditions.Industrial subjectwww
Cech malířů a lakýrníků ČRApplication of special paints and coatings in the field of aircraft components. Industrial subjectwww
CERTICON, a.s.Development and software application for the healthcare and emergency management.Industrial subjectwww
Codasip division, ApS Brno Ltd.Automation and implementation of electronic systems. Industrial subjectwww
COMTES FHT, a.s.Research and development in the field of metallic materials, introduction of new technologies, forming and heat treatment of metals in engineering, automotive and power engineering. Industrial subjectwww
CQK HOLDING a.s.Brokering, support for science and research, systems for effective data storage.Industrial subjectwww
Česká vesmírná alianceAssociation of industrial companies focused on the area of ​​space industry, applications and technologies.Associationwww
České dráhy, a.s.Passenger and freight rail transportationIndustrial subjectwww
ČVUT Praha, Fakulta dopravníEducation, science and research in the areas of Transportation Systems, Telematics Systems and services, Navigation Systems, Geographic Information Systems, etc.Academic subjectwww
Český metrologický institutCertification, uniformity and precision measuring instruments and measurements in all fields of scientific, technological and economic activity.Academic subjectwww
D3Soft, s.r.o.Development and application of CRM, ERP software. Industrial subjectwww
EFEX, spol. s r.o.Consulting and software development, system integration and related services in the areas of satellite navigation, tracking the movement of people, vehicles and goods.Industrial subjectwww
EGGO Space s.r.o.Climatic, mechanical and endurance tests of active and passive components, parts and materials for electrical engineering and related fields, analysis and processing of the resultsIndustrial subjectwww
Elektromechanika Úvaly, s.r.o.Precision turning, milling, drilling, stamping, welding. Industrial subjectwww
Elya Solutions, s.r.o.Precise Mechanics and Optics, design of appropriate instruments and devices, software. Industrial subjectwww
NUVIA, a.s.- Projects and services for nuclear power - Monitoring of ionizing radiation and detectors technology - Laboratory technology - Software development and implementation - Industrial automationIndustrial subjectwww
Evolving Systems Consulting, s.r.o.Aerospace, defense, energy, transportation.Industrial subjectwww
Explosia a.s.Production and research of explosives.Industrial subjectwww
Frentech Aerospace, s.r.o.Production of precision mechanics for aerospace and space industry, project activity. Industrial subjectwww
G.L.Electronic, s.r.o.Complete manufacture of electronic HI-REL devices and cable harnesses for the aerospace industry, according to ECSS. Industrial subjectwww
GISAT s.r.o.Earth Observation. Remote sensing in the Czech Republic, provision of satellite data.Industrial subjectwww
HaS Lanškroun, s.r.o.Manufacture of specialized components, vacuum coating, machinery construction and equipment.Industrial subjectwww
Honeywell International, s.r.o., PrahaAircraft technologies, controlling technogies. Industrial subjectwww
Honeywell, spol. s r.o. – HTS CZ, o.z., BrnoAerospace technologies, controlling technogies.Industrial subjectwww
Ipsos Tambor ČRInnovative, entrepreneurial, client-focused organisation, providing research services to clients on a global basis.Industrial subjectwww
Katchem, spol. s r.o.Laboratory production of certain chemical products, chemical analysis and manufacture of polyamide castings.Industrial subjectwww
KOVOKON AUTO, a.s.Metal-production, machining,turning for automotive, electric motors, CNC.Industrial subjectwww
KRYSTALY, Hradec Králové, a.s.Piezo crystals, crystal filters, crystal oscillators.Industrial subjectwww
KYBERTEC, s.r.o.SW and mathematical modeling. Industrial control systems, ITS, IS, software development.Industrial subjectwww
LENAM, s.r.o.FEM simulation (structural, thermal), CFD, multibody. Comprehensive support for product development, improvement of technological processes, automotive.Industrial subjectwww
Letecký ústav, FSI, VUT BrnoResearch and testing of aircraft and aviation technology.Academic subjectwww
CGI IT Czech Republic, s.r.o.IT services and consulting, software development.Industrial subjectwww
LOM Praha, s.p., o.z. VTÚLaPVOIntegration of communication and information systems into the decision making processes in the areas of ground support command and air forces. Industrial subjectwww
Metroprojekt Praha, a.s.Project activities in the field of transport infrastructures.Industrial subjectwww
PRINCIP, a.s.Production, sale and service of electronic equipment, car monitoring, GPS, electronic toll, online service to manage a fleet Industrial subjectwww
Psychologický ústav AV ČRResearch in personality psychology, cognitive psychology, psychology of health, quantitative and qualitative research methodology.Academic subjectwww
RDM, s.r.o.Consulting and training in human resources development.Industrial subjectwww
Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe, s.r.o.Technology development in aerospace domain, X-ray spectrometry and optics. Innovation in domains of nanotechnology, polymers, molecular and protein crystallography.Industrial subjectwww
SECAR BOHEMIA, a.s.Vehicles security&monitoring, other equipment modules GPS, GPRS, leaks security, long distance transmission media. Location Based Services (LBS).Industrial subjectwww
Siemens, s.r.o.Communication equipment, technology and software. Industrial subjectwww
Sprinx Systems, a.s.CRM, business software - development and applicationIndustrial subjectwww
SYSGO, s.r.o.Certified safe and reliable operating systems for aerospace, defense, industry, transport for partners Airbus, Thales, Daimler, Raytheon, Rheinmetall, Rockwell Software in conformity with DO-178B, EN 50128, IEC 62304, IEC 61508, ISO 26262, IEC 61513, IEIndustrial subjectwww
TC Inter-Informatics, a.s.Engineering and consulting services in the field of aerospace, rail and trucks.Industrial subjectwww
Technická univerzita v Liberci, Fakulta strojníMaterial research, machinery construction and equipment, automated control systems, engineering. Academic subjectwww
Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, a.s.Telecommunication technologies. Industrial subjectwww
TELMO, spol. s r.o.Security systems, IT, design, NBU (National Security Authority) - the security certificate for grade "T". Industrial subjectwww
TESCAN, a.s.Research, development and production of laboratory instruments. Digital image processing of optical equipment, development and manufacture of custom vacuum chambers, detection systems, and electron microscopy. Academic subjectwww
TEX CZ, a.s. Research and development in the field of electronics, PCI cards, GPS, GPRS, Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX.Industrial subjectwww
TL elektronic, a.s.Development and production of flight board instruments and equipment, research.Industrial subjectwww
TOPOGRAF spol. s.r.o.Land surveying services, maps creation.Academic subjectwww
TOS VARNSDORF a.s.Development and production of machine tools.Industrial subjectwww
UNITES Systems, a.s.Development and production of semiconductor testers and functional units. The development of custom electronics.Industrial subjectwww
Universita PardubiceResearch in the area of inorganic glasses and their (nano)layers for IR segment of EM spectrum, and other potetial applications. Academic subjectwww
Ústav fyziky atmosféry AV ČRResearch activity in the entire Earth's atmosphere - from ground level to outer space. Academic subjectwww
Ústav fyziky plazmatu AV ČR, v.v.i. Research and development of controlled thermonuclear fusion, the use of electric discharges and plasma generators, research and development of special optics and optoelectronic systems. Academic subjectwww
Vishay Electronic spol. s r.o.Passive electronic components.Industrial subjectwww
Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Fakulta informačních technoloResearch and development of information technology.Academic subjectwww
Výzkumný ústav geodetický, topografický a kartografický, v.vResearch and development in the field of geodesy, development and testing of new techniques and procedures, software, and expertise in these areas. Academic subjectwww
ySystem, spol. s r.o.Geographic information systems, telematics, fleet management, monitoring and localization of objects.Industrial subjectwww
Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, Fakulta aplikovaných věd Scientific education programs and scientific-research activities. Accredited research programs, doctoral programs, habilitation.Academic subjectwww
Centrum dopravního výzkumu, v.v.i., BrnoTransport Research Centre. Research, development and service with nationwide coverage for all types of transport(public and commercial sector) and cooperation with a state bodies and organizations, public and private sectors.Academic subjectwww
Výzkumný a zkušební letecký ústav, a.s.Aerospace Research and Test Establishment (VZLÚ) is a national centre for research, development and testing in aeronautics and space. The main mission of VZLÚ is to generate new knowledge, transfer it into industrial practice and to provide its partners with the maximum support in the development of new products.Industrial subjectwww
Český telekomunikační úřadThe Czech Telecommunication Office (Electronic Communications and on the Amendments to the Other Acts) is defined within the scope of the Office activities.Associationwww
UniControls a.s.Development and manufacture of control and telematics systems for process control. Development and manufacture of control and telematics applications for rail vehicles.Industrial subjectwww
Sobriety s.r.o.Engineering services in the field of computational simulations. The results of these analyzes supplement or completely replace measurements in laboratories, testing laboratories and wind tunnels.Industrial subjectwww
T-Mapy spol. s r.o.Complex services in the field of information and geospatial technologies.Industrial subjectwww
INDRA Czech Republic s.r.o.Space defence securityIndustrial subjectwww
OPTOKON a sFiber Optic TechnologyIndustrial subjectwww
AŽD Praha s.r.o.Research, development, production, installation and servicing of railway signaling equipment, telecommunication systems, and road telematics.Industrial subjectwww
EADS Innovation WorksEADS Innovation Works is the corporate research facility of EADSIndustrial subjectwww
CVUT v Praze, Fakulta stavebniGNSS software developmentAcademic subjectwww
Katedra geinformatiky, Univerzita Palackého v OlomouciGeoinformatics, cartography, GIS, EO, GNSSAcademic subjectwww
Katedra vojenské geografie a meteorologie, Univerzita obranyGeoinformatics, GIS, cartography, EO, GNSS, geograhical support to armed forces, meteorology, climatology.Academic subjectwww
CRYTUR, spol. s r.o.Research, development and consultancy in the field of manufacturing and processing of single crystals, scintillation detectors, laser rod, sapphire single crystal and ceramicsIndustrial subjectwww
L. K. Engineering, s.r.o.Design, analysis, expertise in the field of mechanics, strength analysis, heat transfer, fluid flow, a special computational methodology, development of engineering software.Industrial subjectwww
Q-BESTQuality management, information security, safety, risk management. Academic subjectwww
FBMI ČVUTFBMI coordinates research and teaching activities in the field of biomedical engineering.Academic subjectwww
Letecká služba Policie ČRPolice Aviation Academic subjectwww
Astrium Czech Republic s.r.o.Business activities in the field of space technology, representation of the company ASTRIUM in the Czech Republic, cooperation with Czech entities in frame of the ESA projects.Industrial subjectwww
Feramat Cybernetics, s. r. oApplied research and development in mathematics.Industrial subjectwww
SVÚOM s.r.o.Research in the field of corrosion and corrosion protection, testing the quality of surface protection, lifetime prediction of metallic materials. Academic subjectwww
MDP GEOGIS applications, remote sensingIndustrial subjectwww
VUT v Brně, FEKT, ÚRELSatellite communicationAcademic subjectwww
Univerzita Karlova, Matematicko-fyzikální fakulta Research of relationships Earth-Sun, dynamics of megnetospheric boarders, atmospheric processes, charging of small dust particles in space environment, development of instruments for above mentioned fields of research.Academic subjectwww
ZAT a.s.Comprehensive solutions in the field of automation control systems for technological processes (Nuclear Energy, Conventional Power, Surface mining and transportation of raw materials, distribution of gas, transport, industrial processes) Industrial subjectwww
VARIEL, a. s. Production of engineering containers. Telecommunications exchanges, GSM technology and radiocommunications networks, as stations for satellite connections, air traffic navigation, atmosphere monitoring. Development and production of military container ISO 1C according to NATO standards.Industrial subjectwww
SwissCEE Agency s.r.o.Outsourcing, Offshoring, Subsidies A-Z, Market entry, ICT Solutions, Language solutionsIndustrial subjectwww
HoneywellAerospaceIndustrial subjectwww
European CommissionEuropean Commission - DG Enterprise and Industry: GMES BureauAssociationwww
Kancelář Akademie věd České republikyInternational cooperation in science and researchAcademic subjectwww
Český báňský úřadgovernment - mining industryAcademic subjectwww
Honeywell International s.r.o.AerospaceIndustrial subjectwww
ČVUT v Praze – FJFISatellite laser ranging activity, picosecond solid state photon counting, laser ranging technology and picosecond timing techniques.Academic subjectwww
UOCHB AV CRThe Institute carries out fundamental research in organic chemistry, biochemistry and related disciplines, focusing in particular on medical and environmental applications.Academic subjectwww
ICZ a.s.ICT and system integrationIndustrial subjectwww
4RM s.r.odisposal of damaged goods, consulting for company insurance Industrial subjectwww
Aero Vodochody a.s.Aerospace industryIndustrial subjectwww
Mapradix s.r.o.Earth ObsevationIndustrial subjectwww
Synpo, a.s.Synpo is a research and manufacturing company with more than 60 year tradition in R@D of polymeric materials (polyesters, polyurethanes, epoxies and acrylates), then dvelopment of nanostructures and hybid polymers and polymers based on recyclable and renewable raw materials.Industrial subjectwww
Honeywell International s.r.o.Research & TechnologyIndustrial subjectwww

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